Bathroom Graffiti

Another very serious, anti-government message left behind by the feared leader of the modern revolution… “Raffy Taffy.”  Might as well say “REFUSE, RESIST” signed: “Billy Silly Pants.”

I see that ”Raffy” here probably didn’t write both parts of the graffiti in this photo (it’s funny to imagine that he did), but that brings me to my next point: If you’re name is Raphael (presumably) would you go around signing your name on bathroom walls as “Raffy Taffy?” I imagine you’re the only guy in your town named Raphael (unless you’re from some foreign place where that’s a common name, like China), so everyone would know it was you. And, if your town is anything like mine, you’d get ripped on, and probably beat up from time to time with a nickname like that.

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