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Bathroom Graffiti

I guess this is solid proof that “art” is extremely subjective. I appreciate good graffiti, but this is some writing and either a ghost, or maybe a skull lamp shade… I don’t know. Either way, graffiti artists shouldn’t take themselves so seriously. “While you sleep, I make art” Actually, it’s a little bit more like while I sleep, you get hammered at an shitty dive bar and write on the walls. Come to think of it, I was probably at a shitty dive bar too, so the “while you sleep” part doesn’t make sense either. Alright, I made up my mind, you’re a retard.


Bathroom Graffiti

Insightful little piece. I was gonna write about this photo, but it sounds like a lot of effort, and I think I’d rather take a nap instead.



Funny Products

“Alright guys, we’ve got a deadline coming up and we need to finalize the name… it’s bubblegum… they’re gumballs… I’VE GOT IT!

Not only is it not creative, but how did the “creative” team let this one slip by without one of them bringing up the fact that the name is, well, retarded?

Side note: Name your product “{Something} Balls” and we’ll eventually find it. Thanks Alberts!

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