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Funny, classic bathroom graffiti

This would be an awesome wall mounted machine. I mean who doesn’t like bacon? I mean other than hippie vegetarians, and vegans. I’m just kidding, you guys are adorable with your morals.

This is one of the older bits of funny classic bathroom graffiti that we’re seeing pop up in a lot of different places now. Great stuff.


Funny Graffiti

I hope you all enjoy this piece of funny graffiti as much as I do. I damn near crashed my car to get this shot.


Classic Funny Bathroom Graffiti

One of our favorite forms of bathroom stall graffiti is the response. The more people involved in the conversation the better it often is.
(Thanks to Jeff from MA for emailing this one in to us)

3 com

Funny Bathroom Graffiti

This is easily one of the most clever pieces of bathroom graffiti we’ve ever had sent in to us. Genius.


Funny Products

What makes a great funny product name? Usually the word “Dick” will do it. I’m not sure, but shouldn’t the dark ones be larger?




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