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It Hurts When I poop.

We’re not entirely sure, but we’re guessing this wasn’t on the New York Times Bestseller list. And are we the only ones that think it’s weird that the little kid is hugging a dinosaur while she sh#ts? We might have to track this one down for our personal awkward book collection. It’ll look nice next Cooking with Pooh


funny graffiti

Funny Graffiti

This is a classic piece of stop sign graffiti. We see so many defaced stop signs that it’s nice to see one that’s actually funny.

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funny bathroom graffiti

Bathroom Graffiti Installation

We like the creativity and effort put into this one. It’s not just writing or a drawing on the bathroom wall, it’s a mini bathroom graffiti installation.

3 com

bathroom graffiti fail

Bathroom Graffiti – FAIL!

“I has a pen.” Folks, if you’re going to write a big, visible graffiti message on the bathroom wall, write slow and check your spelling. We’re glad this bathroom graffiti wizard isn’t “reprenting” anything we’re connected to. Sorry Nova Scotia, your graffiti representatives are apparently retarded.


funny bathroom graffiti

Funny Response to Bathroom Graffiti

There are few things we love more than a good, funny bathroom graffiti response. And you’re almost certain to get one if your bathroom graffiti message has a giant retarded typo in it.


bathroom graffiti

Bathroom Graffiti

Forget the marker, this bathroom graffiti artist rocked it old school and went straight for the spray paint. BAM! The pair of car air fresheners hanging in the bathroom stall add a nice touch to this bathroom graffiti picture.




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