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Classic Bathroom Graffiti

Ohhhh snap!  Take that you damn eco-concious hippie!

This bathroom graffiti gem was found on the wall of a dive-bar bathroom that looked like it had been host to several UFC fights and a couple of hockey games.  The place was pretty fucked up.

Side note: who the hell brings a crayon with them to the bar?

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funny graffiti billboard

Funny Graffiti

We’ve always figured our lord to be a heavy metal fan, but we had no idea he’d be this hardcore. And yes ladies, we said “he.” The idea that God could be a woman is absurd. Take that feminism!

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Bathroom Graffiti

What else can you say about this one? I guess I just have to appreciate the fact that I was lucky enough to be in a dive bar toilet that the actual Ass Master himself also used.

Side note: I used a paper towel to open the door when I left… I don’t know where the Ass Masters hands have been.




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