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I love a good funny product name, but the combination of the name and the picture on this product sort of scares me. I’m not entirely sure I’d want to drink an energy drink with this name. I’m all for a good old fashioned energy drink, but I’d prefer my energy boost sans boner.

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Funny Graffiti

First, MC. Hammer graffiti references on the stop signs, and now this awesome Vanilla Ice graffiti reference. For some unknown reason 1990 and 1991 (or the awkward period as I like to call it) has some weird draw in the graffiti world.


pepe le pew rapist

Random Rant

We’ve always loved Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, how could you not? Growing up in the 80s, Looney Tunes was a staple of our Saturday morning cartoons. As we made our way through childhood, adolescence, and eventually into adulthood, we watched more of the modern animated garbage that made it’s way onto the TV screen, and it only made us appreciate these classics that much more. With adulthood also came a sense reason and at least a basic understanding of the world around us. To the point where we started to analyze certain things a little deeper than we did on the couch from 8-12 on Saturday morning in the 80s. One thing that started to become clear to us in our latter years, was that Looney Tunes was no where near the modern day definition of politically correct. Standing out from the bunch though, was everyone’s favorite, sexually charged, French skunk, Pepe Le Pew. When we were kids, it was funny the way he persistently and mistakenly pursued the cat with painted on stripes, forcing kisses on her at every opportunity, making comments about making love to her in his French accent, and gripping her tightly as she tried to get away. That’s hilarious… no wait, that’s sexual assault.
The French have, as most understand the stereotype, historically paved the way in sexual adventurism, which adds a nice little touch of good old-fashioned racism to the cartoon shorts. Not quite on the level of the crows from Disney’s Dumbo, but you get the idea. So, let’s get back to the question: Was Pepe Le Pew a rapist? The short answer is no, he never did succeed in putting it to the terrified little cat. That aside, we’d be more than willing to bet that today he’d be going door to door in any cartoon neighborhood he moved to, explaining to his new neighbors that he was a sex offender. So, the next time you’re watching a Pepe Le Pew cartoon, you can make your own judgments on all of this. Personally though, we have a hard time watching them without imagining Pepe trying to explain his “intentions” to Chris Hansen, from To Catch a Predator.




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