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bathroom graffiti response

Bathroom Graffiti Response

Judging by the response, the aforementioned unkind people in this bit of bathroom graffiti obviously don’t want your pitty.


sign graffiti

Sign Graffiti

Not much to say about this piece of sign graffiti… it’s insanely simple and ridiculously creative. Simple and creative folks, that’s all graffiti has to be. Actually, we forgot to mention “mean.” “Mean” always works.

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graffiti sign

Sign Graffiti

There seems to be an endless supply of defaced stop signs in the world. Every little kid with access to spray paint that thinks he’s an amateur graffiti artist seems to be drawn to the stop sign because it already has half of a message on it… “STOP” …but stop what? Well, this bit of sign graffiti is a twofer. Someone (most likely a dirty hippie) first added the bottom part… “STOP eating animals.” the sign whined as it shed a tear. Then a wiseass stencil graffiti artist changed it up to the wonderfully altered stop sign you see before you.

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racist outhouse graffiti

Outhouse Graffiti

Wow… it’s not often we’re sent something that we aren’t sure we want to post. But we thought about it and where would our journalistic integrity be if we only posted the bathroom graffiti that we agreed with? Love it? Hate it? You tell us. By the way if you love it you’re a racist dick.

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bathroom graffiti instructions

Bathroom Graffiti

4. Wipe hands on pants
Like we’ve said before, bathroom graffiti artists definitely love to target the bathroom hand drier instructions for their poetic little bits of graffiti wisdom. Everyone knows those old style bathroom hand driers suck and never quite do the job. This one’s a new one that we’ve never seen before, but I’d say it’s an instant classic. There’s also the bonus piece of graffiti… the classic you know you can always fall back on if you’re not feeling creative… that’s right: “FUCK”. You’re in the shitter, you’re bored, might as well write “fuck” on the wall, the hand drier, the bathroom mirror… whatever else I can before you leave the bathroom.




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