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Bathroom Graffiti

Some people think that our constant exposure to media rots our brains and is in turn making the world dumber and lazier. This marker wielding wise old sage does not think that. He is, however, a fan of moderation.
“Kill your tv and pc! Wait…hmmm. I need to check my email, and I don’t want to miss the new episode of Lost. What to do? I got it! Kill your tv OR pc! I don’t really care which one you pick, but come on people, enough is enough. I’m not saying that we should go cold turkey, but let’s take some baby steps. If you kill your tv, you can still catch up with episodes on Hulu. If you kill your pc, you can still watch tv and check your email on your iPhone.”


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Funny Bathroom Graffiti

The sign graffiti is right (as graffiti usually is), liquor does give you special powers. A brilliant addition to the sign if you ask us. Thanks to Mike B. from Boston for sending in this little piece of bathroom sign graffiti.


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Funny Sign Graffiti

The graffiti on this sign brings up a great point. You know what’s worse than a dog that might chase you out of the yard trying to bite you? A dog that runs up to you and instead of barking tells you you’re fat, or tells you that the reason you don’t have a girlfriend is because you live at home with your parents.

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