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angry birds graffiti

Angry Birds Bathroom Graffiti

Whoa, whoa, whoa… Let’s not get crazy with our bathroom graffiti name calling here. I don’t know if saying “Angry Birds equals super gay” is fair. “Angry Birds = the end of my productivity.” Sure. “Angry Birds = the reason I have no social life anymore.” Maybe. “Angry Birds = The reason I’m now single.” Could be. I think it’s obvious that this bathroom graffiti artist just hasn’t been fully blessed with what it feels like to slingshot various colored at poorly built structures in an effort to kill the green pigs that relentlessly mock you as yoU FAIL OVER AND OVER AGAIN! AHHHHHHH! STUPID PIGS!


bathroom graffiti occupy my crotch

Funny Bathroom Graffiti

From the outside looking in, the occupy protests seemed like a bunch of jobless hippies gathering to play drums and smoke pot, half of them not even knowing why they were actually there. It might as well have been a “what’s left of the Grateful Dead” concert. This piece of bathroom stall graffiti is recommending a new movement. One that we think everyone can relate to. Something that could gain traction even faster and possibly take the entire world by storm.




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