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t1000 john connor bathroom wall graffiti

Funny Bathroom Wall Art

This probably one of best uses of a fixture in bathroom graffiti since Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight You. We see a lot of this kind of stuff (as you might imagine), and this is definitely one of the best piece of bathroom wall art we’ve come across. Nice work.


correct incorrect toilet paper sign

Funny Sign

Take note people, what you’re reading is gospel. If you’re sitting here looking at this picture and thinking to yourself that it’s the other way around, you should consider suicide. The world will be better off without you and your wild ideas muddying the water for the rest of us “normies.”


bathroom graffiti haiku

And I’m like HAIKU!

We love a good bathroom wall haiku. How could you not? I mean this one isn’t “… refrigerator” but it’s still funny.


bathroom wall art cocaine

Cocaine Needlepoint – Bathroom Wall Art

Is there a classier way to present a messages to the cokeheads using your bathroom? We think not. Does someone want to correct us and tell us this is crochet and not needlepoint? Because we honestly don’t give a f%$#.




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