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bathroom graffiti - art degree

Bathroom Graffiti – Pull for Art Degree

We find this bathroom graffiti to be complete off-base. We know plenty of people with art degrees that are doing just fine for themselves. Without $150K worth of artistic training how else could they mow those amazing patterns into their client’s lawns.


bathroom graffiti

Bathroom Graffiti

We’re always shocked to see or hear a person on their cellphone while using the toilet. This isn’t even really bathroom stall etiquette (although if you’re holding up the line you’re that much more of a dick), this is more being generally inconsiderate to those around you that might borrow your cell phone. Just remember folks, the next time you borrow a cell phone from someone and you think to yourself “that phone sorta smelled like balls” well, it probably was the smell of actual balls.




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