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Classic Bathroom Graffiti

“I was told there’d be no math!”

This is funny for a lot of different reasons. I honestly want to meet the guy that left the original math problem on the wall. I can understand the second guy’s frustration. You sit down to relax for a few minutes on the toilet and BAM! Algebra! It probably brought the guy back to high school, making him remember that test he failed that started him on the downward spiral that that┬áhas been his┬álife ever since. “Solve for x!? I just want to make doody!”

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funny bathroom graffiti haiku

Funny Bathroom Graffiti

If you’re going to branch out from the normal, safe bathroom graffiti, this is how to do it. Sure this guy could have drawn a dick on the bathroom stall wall, but instead he chose to express himself with a bathroom haiku, and an insanely funny one at that.

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bathroom graffiti

Clever Bathroom Art

Hilarious. Another great use of the hand drier to create some funny bathroom art.




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