These are just a few of our favorite funny products. They’re mostly foreign products with funny names that are entirely lost in translation, but occasionally we get that great funny product from the US that just make you wonder what the hell the company was thinking when they gave it that name.

funny products
Cooking with Pooh – Funny Product Names

Bona – Funny Products
funny product names
Vergina Lager – Funny Product Names

Cock Soup Mix – Funny Foreign Products

Premium Cok – Funny Product Names

Homo Sausage – Funny Foreign Products

Clay Modeling with Pooh – Funny Products

Bubble Balls – Funny Foreign Products

Organic Throat Coat – Funny Product Names

Clarkes Special Nugget Plug – Funny Products

Concrete Vibrator – Funny Products

Pork Faggots – Funny Foreign Products

Nut Thins – Funny Product Names

Pee Cola – Funny Foreign Products

Some of these funny product images are from our personal collection, some that were emailed in to us by some of our contributors. If you’d like to contribute some pictures of your favorite funny products, you can email them to us at (seriously). We’re looking for any funny product images that you yourself think are funny. Funny foreign products, funny products from the US, basically any products with a funny name or something funny about it.