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bathroom graffiti

Creepy bathroom graffiti

This creepy (though clever) piece was drawn around an existing paint chip in the wall. According to the contributor/creator of this one, the graffiti on the all is regularly scrubbed, but this has remained. Take notes would-be bathroom graffiti artisits, this is the sign of truly top-notch bathroom graffiti … staying power!

Credit: Thanks to “Alpo” for creating and sending this one in


Someone sent me a link to Sketchy Santas recently and it is the greatest Christmas website ever made.  Bask in the glory of these horribly awkward and totally creepy/hilarious pictures.  It it way too easy to imagine any of these “Santas” showing up on “To Catch a Predator”.


Bathroom Graffiti

Let’s hear it for another dive bar find!  I think that we are all familiar with the image of a sad clown.  How about a sad clown that is peeing with a boner?  Before the internet, I am sure that most of you would say “You sick bastard!  How could I ever possibly be familiar with such horrible imagery!?”  In this post-internetted world though, you are probably thinking “Yeah, it’s just another sad pissing boner clown.”  Well to that I say “Yeah, but this one is a STICK FIGURE!”  Amazing.

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