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Funny Bathroom Graffiti

There seems to be an epidemic in the bathroom graffiti world. For some unknown reason an awful lot of dudes like to draw dicks on the bathroom walls. Well, this bathroom graffiti artist has a suggestion to put an end to all of this homoerotic insanity… just draw big titties instead. He’s even polite about it… it’s just a suggestion. We agree that this is probably better. Besides, drawing dicks on the bathroom wall is super gay. Seriously… super gay.


Funny Company Names

Let’s break this one down. You’re Johnson. You’re a businessman. You take on a business partner named Dix. Do you take some time and come up with a creative name for the company, or do you let your personal pride in your last names drive you to make a really stupid decision and turn your company into a joke? We thank Johnson and Dix – Petroleum Marketers for taking that second option.

And thanks to “Anita Johnson” from MA for sending this one in.


Bathroom Graffiti

Seriously, why? It’s super gay.




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