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Random funny stuff

I can tell you right now, this place makes great food and has great beers on tap. When I noticed this wonderful little bit of stupidity on the menu I knew it would end up on the site. To The Grill Next Door’s credit, they’ve since changed the menu. Occasionally it pays to hire a real designer and copywriter to handle this kind of stuff.


bathroom graffiti fail

Bathroom Graffiti – FAIL!

“I has a pen.” Folks, if you’re going to write a big, visible graffiti message on the bathroom wall, write slow and check your spelling. We’re glad this bathroom graffiti wizard isn’t “reprenting” anything we’re connected to. Sorry Nova Scotia, your graffiti representatives are apparently retarded.


funny bathroom graffiti

Funny Bathroom Graffiti

The cover-up fail. We have to assume the bathroom graffiti was indeed better than the cover-up.


I’m not a plumber/bathroom tile guy, but I can tell you this isn’t a great solution to the problem.


Racist Bathroom Graffiti

(In a stupid southern accent)
“Hey, man, does the last line on the swastika go up, or down, I can’t never remember that part.”
Now, no one has ever accused racist people of being particularly smart, but this attempt at racist graffiti really made me shake my head in disappointment and chuckle at the same time. Imagine this: you’re a racist. You’re already a pretty worthless person… now imagine that you aren’t even capable of being a proper racist. Sad huh? What’s left for this guy?


Funny Products

That tagline writes itself: “Bona: For polishing your wood.”

Side note: We’re available for hire in the product marketing/copy writing field, but we’re extremely expensive.


This amazing failure of a drawing was found on a New England restaurant specials board. Now we understand you don’t need advanced degrees to work in the average restaurant, but any less-than-retarded 5 year old knows a turkey doesn’t have 4 legs unless it was imported from the Chernobyl turkey farm.




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