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funny bathroom wall art

Funny Bathroom Art

Now we realize there may be some lost-in-translation aspects of this poster… but come on. Could it be more suggestive? Maybe if we spoke French we’d know this has something to do wine stimulating your appetite, but mostly we just think it’s a man pounding wine with a boner. Hey, whatever you French people think is cool.


funny products

Funny products

Foreign products easily make up the majority of our funny products category. There is a seemingly endless supply of foreign product names that take on a whole new meaning in English. Megapussi is no exception. Though in this case we have a hard time believing this product name means anything else in any other language… call us ignorant Americans if you want, but come on… this is one funny foreign product that needs no English translation. SOLD!


Funny Products

What makes a great funny product name? Usually the word “Dick” will do it. I’m not sure, but shouldn’t the dark ones be larger?


Funny foreign products

“…in a mysterious sauce”
Look, there’s a enough mystery in Asian food already, do they really need to play games with the ignorant American folks?




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