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Funny Company Names - Hooker Cockram

Funny Company Names

Really? I know we’ve gone over this one before, but let’s do it again for sanity’s sake. Your name is Hooker (already not that great) and your potential business partner’s name is Cockram (horrible on it’s own). Do the math here… two sexually suggestive names don’t make one respectable company name… they make one awesome company name. There’s no way these guys don’t catch shit for this on a regular basis. And we here at the bathroom wall, truly appreciate that this company doesn’t care what you think about it’s name.


Funny Bathroom Graffiti

This is easily one of the most clever pieces of bathroom graffiti we’ve ever had sent in to us. Genius.


I’m pretty sure that if you try someone’s nugget plug without asking, you’ll end up in jail.

Funny Products

I have no god damned clue what a nugget plug is, let alone what makes Clarke’s so special.

If anyone has any insight into this, please let us know.


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