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Funny Bathroom Graffiti

Hand drier instructions have forever been the target of bathroom graffiti artists, and they often produce some of the best funny bathroom graffiti. They tend to have some odd instruction icons on them. We’ve all seen the classic “Press Button, Receive Bacon” Well, now the applaud jellyfish bathroom graffiti has joined the ranks of that classic. Who designs the icon graphics on these bathroom hand driers? Part of me wants to believe that the designer did it on purpose with hopes that someone would leave a wiseass graffiti response on it in every bathroom across America.


bathroom graffiti

Clever Bathroom Art

Hilarious. Another great use of the hand drier to create some funny bathroom art.


bathroom graffiti instructions

Bathroom Graffiti

4. Wipe hands on pants
Like we’ve said before, bathroom graffiti artists definitely love to target the bathroom hand drier instructions for their poetic little bits of graffiti wisdom. Everyone knows those old style bathroom hand driers suck and never quite do the job. This one’s a new one that we’ve never seen before, but I’d say it’s an instant classic. There’s also the bonus piece of graffiti… the classic you know you can always fall back on if you’re not feeling creative… that’s right: “FUCK”. You’re in the shitter, you’re bored, might as well write “fuck” on the wall, the hand drier, the bathroom mirror… whatever else I can before you leave the bathroom.




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