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racist outhouse graffiti

Outhouse Graffiti

Wow… it’s not often we’re sent something that we aren’t sure we want to post. But we thought about it and where would our journalistic integrity be if we only posted the bathroom graffiti that we agreed with? Love it? Hate it? You tell us. By the way if you love it you’re a racist dick.

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Racist Bathroom Graffiti

(In a stupid southern accent)
“Hey, man, does the last line on the swastika go up, or down, I can’t never remember that part.”
Now, no one has ever accused racist people of being particularly smart, but this attempt at racist graffiti really made me shake my head in disappointment and chuckle at the same time. Imagine this: you’re a racist. You’re already a pretty worthless person… now imagine that you aren’t even capable of being a proper racist. Sad huh? What’s left for this guy?


Bathroom Graffiti

You’ve got to love rednecks. Such a proud people, with their incest, and wonderful lack of tolerance. Hey, we get it. Sometimes you have an attractive cousin and there’s only one thing you can do about.

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