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bathroom wall graffiti love

Bathroom graffiti edit

Good for Justin, coming back to edit the bathroom graffiti in which he declared of love for Vera. Justin obviously has a good head on his shoulders… well, good enough to simply change the tense of his original graffiti from “loves” to “loved” (notice the d was originally an s). Personally we would have just blacked it out and added her phone number along with her many sexual talents. You’re lucky Vera!


bathroom graffiti

Bathroom Graffiti

We’re always shocked to see or hear a person on their cellphone while using the toilet. This isn’t even really bathroom stall etiquette (although if you’re holding up the line you’re that much more of a dick), this is more being generally inconsiderate to those around you that might borrow your cell phone. Just remember folks, the next time you borrow a cell phone from someone and you think to yourself “that phone sorta smelled like balls” well, it probably was the smell of actual balls.


Funny bathroom graffiti response

Q: “So, I met a chick… seemed to be good, but then she left. Does she hate me?
A: “Respect the cock, tame the cunt.”

No, she doesn’t hate you, but everyone that read this graffiti on the men’s bathroom wall does. She probably just got fed up with how sensitive you were. Combine that with some extra skinny jeans and voilĂ , you’re sleeping alone tonight… and probably every night for the rest of your life. And get ready for the shocker… the guy that wrote the extra classy quote from the movie Magnolia in response on the wall below, is likely the one that took her home later that night.


jesus bathroom graffiti

Religious bathroom graffiti… really?

This piece of bathroom graffiti asks a very important question: What would Jesus do? We tend to agree with the answer. He probably wouldn’t vandalize bathroom walls. Although you have to admit, the idea of Jesus running around vandalizing ancient bathrooms is pretty funny. Is it possible that religious bathroom graffiti could become a new category?


bathroom graffiti response

Funny Bathroom Graffiti Response

The bathroom graffiti response is easily one of the greatest types of bathroom graffiti that we see. Usually some d-bag tries to write something deep and profound on the bathroom wall and gets a handful of smart ass responses. This graffiti and the response to it is a perfect example.


graffiti sign

Sign Graffiti

There seems to be an endless supply of defaced stop signs in the world. Every little kid with access to spray paint that thinks he’s an amateur graffiti artist seems to be drawn to the stop sign because it already has half of a message on it… “STOP” …but stop what? Well, this bit of sign graffiti is a twofer. Someone (most likely a dirty hippie) first added the bottom part… “STOP eating animals.” the sign whined as it shed a tear. Then a wiseass stencil graffiti artist changed it up to the wonderfully altered stop sign you see before you.

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funny bathroom graffiti

Funny Response to Bathroom Graffiti

There are few things we love more than a good, funny bathroom graffiti response. And you’re almost certain to get one if your bathroom graffiti message has a giant retarded typo in it.


Classic Funny Bathroom Graffiti

One of our favorite forms of bathroom stall graffiti is the response. The more people involved in the conversation the better it often is.
(Thanks to Jeff from MA for emailing this one in to us)

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