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There seems to be an endless supply of defaced stop signs in the world. Every little kid with access to spray paint that thinks he’s an amateur graffiti artist seems to be drawn to the stop sign because it already has half of a message on it… “STOP” …but stop what? Well, this bit of sign graffiti is a twofer. Someone (most likely a dirty hippie) first added the bottom part… “STOP eating animals.” the sign whined as it shed a tear. Then a wiseass stencil graffiti artist changed it up to the wonderfully altered stop sign you see before you.

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It’s funny, but at the same time it’s not because it’s so true.


Another one sent in to us by one of our loyal readers, origin unknown.

In what country does “Toilet” mean whatever is happening on this sign? We only ask because we’d like to move there.


This was on the inside of the stall door. And just like that, I was trapped… and I couldn’t even smoke to pass the time. I did eventually find my way out.




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