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bathroom graffiti - art degree

Bathroom Graffiti – Pull for Art Degree

We find this bathroom graffiti to be complete off-base. We know plenty of people with art degrees that are doing just fine for themselves. Without $150K worth of artistic training how else could they mow those amazing patterns into their client’s lawns.


correct incorrect toilet paper sign

Funny Sign

Take note people, what you’re reading is gospel. If you’re sitting here looking at this picture and thinking to yourself that it’s the other way around, you should consider suicide. The world will be better off without you and your wild ideas muddying the water for the rest of us “normies.”


funny product names

Funny Products

Shit Be Gone toilet paper. Nothing like getting right to the point with a funny product name. Personally if it were up to me I’d have called it Ass Wipe, but this also works… I guess.
This one was emailed in to us (Thanks to Joel), but again appears to have originated from Joom Gallery




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