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To my knowledge, Montezuma’s Revenge is the scorching runs that you get when you drink tainted (heh heh) Mexican tap water. I’m not sure the marketing geniuses at this company thought about that when picking this name for their chips.  Further evidence of their extreme marketing prowess is that they have shown Mama Zuma as being a scantily clad hot brunette.  Snack food, with a name that sounds like slang for diarrhea, which is personified by a strangely arousing hot cartoon woman?  That all makes total sense to me.  Now if you’ll excuse me, my bowl of Buttnugget CrunchGrundle-Os is getting soggy.


Classic Bathroom Graffiti “Edit”

Poor Mike. He thought he was safe, leaving his mark on the world. Little did he know that someone with a brighter marker had another idea.

7 com

Wow.  Really?  This sounds like it came out of a dicsussion in a porno.

“Doctor, my throat hurts.  Is there anything you can do for me?”

“Just relax baby.  I’m gonna give you my soothing organic throat coat.”

Hmmm…I think I should pitch that to the Throat Coat folks as an idea for their next commercial.

2 com

Bathroom Graffiti

Let’s hear it for another dive bar find!  I think that we are all familiar with the image of a sad clown.  How about a sad clown that is peeing with a boner?  Before the internet, I am sure that most of you would say “You sick bastard!  How could I ever possibly be familiar with such horrible imagery!?”  In this post-internetted world though, you are probably thinking “Yeah, it’s just another sad pissing boner clown.”  Well to that I say “Yeah, but this one is a STICK FIGURE!”  Amazing.

9 com



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