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Classic Bathroom Graffiti

“Why are you looking up here, the joke is in your hands”

An oldy, but certainly a goody. Don’t ever let anything stop you from scrawling the classics on the bathroom wall. The next time you’re taking a dump in a public place, remember that ex that screwed you over. Then remember that one sexual talent that he/she had and write something about it along with his/her phone number.


Funny Products

Clay Modeling with Pooh. The genius art directors at Disney Mouse Works produce yet another children’s book with a brilliant title. (Not as great as this gem, but a close second)


This was on the inside of the stall door. And just like that, I was trapped… and I couldn’t even smoke to pass the time. I did eventually find my way out.


Funny Products

Cooking with Pooh. That’s right folks, this is a real book (I actually own it… how could¬†I not?). A big¬†thanks to the art directors at Disney Mouse Works that let this one slip out the door, not just for the name, but for whatever is being stirred in that bowl.




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