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Funny Bathroom Art

Now we realize there may be some lost-in-translation aspects of this poster… but come on. Could it be more suggestive? Maybe if we spoke French we’d know this has something to do wine stimulating your appetite, but mostly we just think it’s a man pounding wine with a boner. Hey, whatever you French people think is cool.


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Religious Graffiti Response

Look we all saw the Passion of the Christ. Didn’t Jesus die an insanely bloody death at the hands of an anti-Semitic, raving Mel Gibson? Alright, for the record we didn’t actually see the movie, but this is roughly how we assume it went down.

We refuse to let this bit of religious graffiti go down without having a positive impact on the world. That being said, we are now officially adding a Funny Religious Graffiti category to the site. Praise the Lord!

Thanks to Amy from California for sending this one in.




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