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If you include the words nut, nuts, balls, cock, dick, etc in your product name we’re going to eventually find it. We’re not saying stop, though neither are we saying it’s smart. We’re simply saying thanks for giving us material. And we’re wondering who the creative directors are that are approving these names? Holy shit. You should probably see if Disney’s Mouse Works will hire you.


Bathroom Graffiti

I don’t know what the artist intended with this piece (hence the post title), but it definitely makes us laugh, so it’s worthy. Thanks to Patrick L. from Boston



Funny Products

“Alright guys, we’ve got a deadline coming up and we need to finalize the name… it’s bubblegum… they’re gumballs… I’VE GOT IT!

Not only is it not creative, but how did the “creative” team let this one slip by without one of them bringing up the fact that the name is, well, retarded?

Side note: Name your product “{Something} Balls” and we’ll eventually find it. Thanks Alberts!

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