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funny bathroom wall graffiti

Hilarious Bathroom Graffiti

This bit of bathroom wall graffiti gets right to the point. Crocs are officially one of the biggest trends that we’ve just never understood. And somehow they’ve stood the test of time… but then again so has Nascar, so how shocking is it really?

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bathroom graffiti cocaine

Funny Bathroom Graffiti

In our extensive experience with bathroom stall graffiti we’ve noticed a few things. Not the least of which is that bathroom stalls seem to be used as much for recreation as they are for normal bathroom use. Drawing, writing poetry, having sex, using drugs, bathroom stalls have seen it all, and the writing and graffiti left on the bathroom walls usually paints a solid picture of how hard life has been for a particular bathroom stall. The one thing I’ve never understood is snorting cocaine off of a bathroom surface. I try not to touch any of the surfaces in a dirty bathroom stall, let alone cut up drugs on them and snort them up my nose. Seriously, all you need to do is find a hooker, bring her into the bathroom stall with you and do the lines off her ass like a man.


Bathroom Graffiti

Some people think that our constant exposure to media rots our brains and is in turn making the world dumber and lazier. This marker wielding wise old sage does not think that. He is, however, a fan of moderation.
“Kill your tv and pc! Wait…hmmm. I need to check my email, and I don’t want to miss the new episode of Lost. What to do? I got it! Kill your tv OR pc! I don’t really care which one you pick, but come on people, enough is enough. I’m not saying that we should go cold turkey, but let’s take some baby steps. If you kill your tv, you can still catch up with episodes on Hulu. If you kill your pc, you can still watch tv and check your email on your iPhone.”


Bathroom Graffiti Video

Definitely obscene, but pretty creative and definitely cool. How many bathroom graffiti videos like this exist


bathroom graffiti funny stall art

Bathroom Stall Graffiti – Funny stuff

Seriously, speak to your local representative. We here at FromTheBathroomWall can see how serious this growing problem could be. We take most of our political views, concerns and religious beliefs from bathroom graffiti on bathroom walls, in dive bars if possible.


funny bathroom graffiti

Funny Bathroom Graffiti

We’re always baffled by the fact that when a man is under the pressure of coming up with some funny bathroom graffiti, the default solution (more often than not) is bathroom graffiti that in some way incorporates a drawing of a penis.


Funny Bathroom Graffiti

Why do people always want to riot? It just sounds stressful, like it would require a ton of energy, with a high risk of injury. I mean, you know the police have sheilds and clubs and tear gas…. what are you going to have? A rock that you just found on the ground… some harsh words? Nice plan. And with everyone having a video camera on their phones these days, you know you’re going to end up on the news in some shaky footage dancing on top of the car you just flipped over. Only to have the police knocking on your door the next day. I can think of several things I’d rather do than riot… most of them include drinking. Think about it… drinking is fun, often relaxing, slightly less risk of injury, slightly less chance of being arrested, slightly less chance ending up in an embarrassing video. OK, drinking and rioting are actually pretty similar. Drinking, however, is legal.




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