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funny bathroom wall graffiti

Hilarious Bathroom Graffiti

This bit of bathroom wall graffiti gets right to the point. Crocs are officially one of the biggest trends that we’ve just never understood. And somehow they’ve stood the test of time… but then again so has Nascar, so how shocking is it really?

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bathroom graffiti

Classic Bathroom Graffiti

We’ve seen the classic bathroom graffiti phrase “why are you looking up here? The joke‘s in your hands.” Well, this is a variation on that old classic which is all good and fine… we see different versions of classic bathroom stall poetry all the time. What’s bothering us about this piece is the response with a hand-drawn Facebook “Like” icon. Does Facebook really need to have a place outside of the virtual world? Isn’t it invasive enough as it is without ending up in our bathrooms? Also worth noting: It’s important that your grammar is solid if you’re going to write graffiti on the bathroom wall, or apparently your 3rd grade teacher will be right behind you correcting your errors with her red pen.

Thanks to Jalen from Philly for sending this one in.


bathroom stall art

Bathroom Graffiti

One of the things that takes a piece of bathroom graffiti to the next level is when the artist makes use of the various bathroom fixtures and incorporates them into the graffiti. We’ve all seen the now infamous piece of bathroom graffiti “Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight You.” A great example of a bathroom graffiti piece gone horribly right. This piece of stall art might not be as clever, but it still makes us chuckle.


Funny Bathroom Graffiti

This is easily one of the most clever pieces of bathroom graffiti we’ve ever had sent in to us. Genius.


Bathroom Graffiti

Nothing says “chaos” like 2 inches worth of permanent marker where 90% of passersby won’t see it. This idiot also wins the award for most unoriginal graffiti word/phrase/tag. I’m not sure I understand the connection between “Kaos” and the dollar sign. Maybe there’s a deeper, political meaning behind this… or maybe this guy is just an unoriginal douche. That being said, bathroom graffiti doesn’t need to be complex. If you can’t think of anything, go with a definite winner like an ex-girlfriend’s first name, phone number, and one or more of her many sexual talents.

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