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bathroom graffiti

Bathroom Graffiti

Forget the marker, this bathroom graffiti artist rocked it old school and went straight for the spray paint. BAM! The pair of car air fresheners hanging in the bathroom stall add a nice touch to this bathroom graffiti picture.


Funny Products

Cooking with Pooh. That’s right folks, this is a real book (I actually own it… how could I not?). A big thanks to the art directors at Disney Mouse Works that let this one slip out the door, not just for the name, but for whatever is being stirred in that bowl.


To my knowledge, Montezuma’s Revenge is the scorching runs that you get when you drink tainted (heh heh) Mexican tap water. I’m not sure the marketing geniuses at this company thought about that when picking this name for their chips.  Further evidence of their extreme marketing prowess is that they have shown Mama Zuma as being a scantily clad hot brunette.  Snack food, with a name that sounds like slang for diarrhea, which is personified by a strangely arousing hot cartoon woman?  That all makes total sense to me.  Now if you’ll excuse me, my bowl of Buttnugget CrunchGrundle-Os is getting soggy.




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